Business Advice

Running their own business, is a businessman able to be an expert on everything? The extent the legal issues can get complicated has it that professional advisors are needed to handle the complex matters. Nowadays, a good lawyer is proficient in both law and their clients’ businesses becoming their strategic advisor.

Our legal advice goes beyond the standard forms of supporting businesses and companies in terms of corporate law, contracts or enforcement. We focus on the future of your business. We offer planning and tax counselling, aid with family firm management and succession pattern, support in real estate transactions and planning, dispute handling, reputation management and privacy protection.

By adopting a complex approach to the offered advice, we not only act on behalf of your company but become your spokesmen in the moments of difficult decisions making.

What do you get?

Scope of service:

  1. Establishing of companies beyond the borders of the Republic of Poland, such as Cyprus, Lithuania or India and advising services.
  2. Taxation optimising.
  3. Advice/support, supervision of company corporate matters (company operations advice).
  4. Legal risk management, monitoring of infringements and non-compliance of client’s operations with law.