Covers Client’s individual commission for an Opinion, Expert Opinion or legal information; explanations concerning a particular case presented by a Client, involvement in negotiations etc.

Within random cooperation, we accept single commissions for a particular case to be handled in court, before an enforcing body or government administration body.

The Fee

Our hourly charge amounts to PLN 200 – 260 net (depending on the complicity extent of a given case).
In some events, depending on the nature, it is possible to set a fixed amount for handling such cases.


Refers to documentation and information circulation effectiveness improvement (or possibly, in case it is needed, coming up with the relevant documentation), presenting opinions on contracts or agreements and writing them, vindication, providing information on changes to legislation, searching for possible infringements of law and their consequences, taking part in negotiations, representation in courts and administration bodies.

The Fee

Under this variant , we are ready to provide legal advice on financial terms and conditions agreed individually with Clients in the following way:


For natural persons, we provide legal advice on financial terms and conditions agreed individually with the Client.


In cases where it is possible to specify the value of the disputed object,  we charge minimum rates as listed in the Order by the Minister of Justice introducing the system depending on the claimed amount: 

  1. up to PLN 500 – PLN 60 fee,
  2. over PLN 500 to 1.500 zł – PLN 180 fee,
  3. over PLN 1.500 to 5.000 zł – PLN 600 fee,
  4. over PLN 5.000 to 10.000 zł – PLN 1.200 fee,
  5. over PLN 10.000 to 50.000 zł – PLN 2.400 fee,
  6. over PLN 50.000 to 200.000 zł – PLN 3.600 fee,
  7. over PLN 200.000 – PLN 7.200 fee.