Law of New Technologies

The market of New Technologies nowadays makes the most perspective-creating area of business operations. People having visions and the courage to put them to practice find here the right space to translate them into success. However, due to the progress occurring in a flash, in terms of law this area is not sufficiently clear.

One of the specialties of the Kancelaria Wałdowska, Jakubiak Legal Office, is the analysis of the current legal practice in Poland and globally within this issue. We help you protect your intellectual property and the trade mark and develop the innovative activities within the optimum in legal terms.

Leaving the legal issues to us, you gain freedom of focusing on your vital actions, product development, market and brand building, innovation and competitiveness – all this what makes start ups successful.

Scope of service:

  1. E-law.

  2. Advice to entities operating online.  

  3. Copy rights and related rights.

  4. Intellectual property.

  5. Patent, registration procedures and trade mark protection.